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Silestone Colors Quartz Stone

LYX Stone | Updated: Aug 07, 2017
Silestone colors quartz stone.jpg

        Silestone colors quartz stone

Silestone colors quartz stone is the trade name of limestone as a mineral raw material. Silestone colors quartz stone in the history of human civilization, with its wide distribution in nature, easy to obtain the characteristics and is widely used. Silestone colors quartz stone is an important building material with a long history of mining. In modern industry, limestone is the main raw material for making cement, lime and calcium carbide. It is an indispensable flux limestone in the metallurgical industry. After high-quality limestone , Is widely used in papermaking, rubber, paint, paint, medicine, cosmetics, feed, sealing, bonding, polishing and other products in the manufacturing. According to

incomplete statistics, cement production consumes limestone and building stone, lime production, metallurgical flux, superfine calcium carbonate consumption of limestone sum ratio of 1: 3. Limestone is a non-renewable resource, with the scientific and technological progress and the development of nanotechnology, limestone applications will be further widened.

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